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Retireat21 was launched in December 2006.

Since then, millions of people have visited the site and it has been featured in magazines, books and newspapers around the world.

The idea for the site originated from a conversation I had at an event when I was asked this question: Where do young entrepreneurs go to learn online?

There wasn’t such a place.

So inspired, I went and created a site dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs make money online.

Interviewing the top young entrepreneurs…

Instead of winging it and trying to teach everything myself, I decided to focus on interviewing successful young entrepreneurs.

I found out really quickly that it was a numbers game. The more I asked, the more yes’s I got. I ended up getting sick for over a month and couldn’t do much so would spend my day going through the top 1000 websites and finding their press page and contacting their founder for an interview. Surprisingly some of them actually wanted to do it!

Some of my favorite interviews were with:

Catherine Cook of MyYearBook.com talks abour her online success (went on to sell her website for $100million)

Pete Cashmore – Founder of Mashable

Stanley Tang – 16 Year Old Becomes a Best Selling Author (In 2014 he raised $57 million for his new company DoorDash)

Tony Hsieh, The Billion Dollar Interview

In 2007 we became famous…

newspaperI wanted to know who the richest young entrepreneurs were. So I wrote a list of the 30 richest under 30 and put them in order.

I ended up publishing this list on the Retireat21 blog.

That same day I got over 70,000 visitors. Back then, that was a big achievement.

The article ended up getting mention in newspapers around the world, books, schools, media etc.

It was a real hit!

So many people linked to the article that in one day my website jumped to number 2 in Google for the search term young entrepreneurs, a highly competitive term. (I couldn’t get no.1 because of my domain.)

This taught me a lot about the power of a good article and lot’s of links. 😀

Moving forward…

In 2009, we launched another website, IncomeDiary.com. Since then, Retireat21 has sent over 90,000 visitors to IncomeDiary.

In 2010, we launched PopUp Domination! Sold over 10,000 copies in under a year with ZERO advertising budget. Has gone on to sell over 30,000 copies.




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