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How To Promote and Drive Traffic to Your Website

Social Bookmarking and Social Media – by far the most dramatic way to increase your website traffic is to use social bookmarking, because of the amount of traffic coming to your website, search engines rank that page as a priority. You will be able to rank highly for competitive terms, gain 1000’s of targeted back links and give you a chance to capture emails for your mailing list. The most widely used social bookmarking websites are DiggStumbleuponDel.icio.usReddit and Propeller.

Below is example of the increase of traffic when your website is picked up by social bookmarking websites.


What can Guarantee you the Digg Effect:

The most outrageous story the better 
Stories that benefit readers
Write on a topic everyone’s educated in (Google/Apple/Celebs)
Write a catchy but to the point title

Article Submitions – Submiting articles to article directionarys such as Ezine ArticlesArticle Geek andContent Tycoon can bring you a large amount of traffic and increase your back links. When your article is accepted into a directory, they show the full article and link back to your site. Webmasters then visit the article directorys to get content for there website, they will copy the content and then link back to your website as well. The advantage of this is that you should have constant long term traffic.One of my articles have now got 92,912 views, imagine if you had 100 artilces, 92,912 x 100 = 9,291,200 views. 

Press Releases – A press release is a statement directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something such as, “Tyloon, Inc. Launches the Multilingual Business Search Platform for China”. On the web now are Press Release websites which offer press release distribution, that send your press release to 100,000’s of organizations. When creating Retire at 21, I sent out one press release our to PR Web and because of this, 100’s of other websites linked to my websites which ment when Google came to see my website first time round, i jumped straight upto a pagerank of 5. The main advantage of press releases is to gain brand awareness which can bring a lot of traffic depending if you have a good story to tell, “Youn Collage Drop Out Conquers the Internet”. If you are looking to send out a press release i would suggest, PR Web24-7 Press ReleasesMarket Wire and PR Buzz.

View Retire at 21’s Press Release Page

Search Engines – Search engine’s provide an interface to search for information on the World Wide Web. Information may consist of web pages, images and other types of files. Our job is to show the search engines what our web page is about so they can send the right people to out website. Your task is to appear as high up on the search results as possible, for example, everyone will click from top to bottom on the search results, if they find what they want at the first website they will stop looking. Your job is to become top of the search engines for the key words that relate to your website, for Retire at 21 that would be “Young Entrepreneurs” and “Making Money Online”. The benefits of search engines and being ranked high in them are that search engines will find every page on your website and index you under the keywords and thesases your webpage is about, 70% of internet uses use search engines to find a website and that everyone who is going to visit your site will know what its about before visiting it.

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