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What is the most competitive search term you rank for?

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I have been working very hard on my search engine optimization, I don’t rank for anything brilliant for making money online on Google, which is a shame because we all know Google sends the real traffic.

Anyway, here’s some terms retireat21.com ranks for in other search engines:

Creating a Business – Ranking number 1 out of  720,000,000

Making Money Online – Ranking Number 10 out of 154,000,000 

Louis Barnett – Ranking Number 1 out of 6,230,000 (Hes a young entrepreneur making a lot of money!)

What I have noticed from interviewing entrepreneurs is that there names and websites and searched for a lot. Around 20% of my search engine traffic is from there names and website names. I tend to rank on the first page for all of them, (Menewsha, Louis Barnett, Chokolit, Josh Buckley etc..)

People who are searching for there names and websites tend to be the kind of people I want coming to my website so it is in fact an advantage having these rankings.

I want to know from you guys, what is your best and weirdest search engine rankings.

Happy Christmas Everyone


  1. Scott Battye says:

    Well I’ve searched google for myself on numerous occasions and discovered many of the sites I visit within the first ten results.

    In order I believe BlueIrn is first, my blog on BlueIrn is second, with R21 third… others include my deviantart and redbubble profiles.

  2. Community says:

    Hi Michael,
    It is really a perfect way to earn money online marketing……

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