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Teen Millionaires – How Did They Do It

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Teen Millionaires

Hi Everyone,

This video features one of my favorite young entrepreneurs Cameron Johnson – whom I have been fortunate enough to meet and also to have interviewed in the past.

Cameron Johnson has been featured in over two-hundred newspapers, magazines and television stations worldwide including Newsweek, BusinessWeek, USA Today, The New York Times, The New York Post, Time Magazine, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, and dozens in Japan as well.

Also in this video is Ashley Qualls, the head of whateverlife.com – who I have also interviewed in the past.

Enjoy the interview – it is one of the most inspirational Young Entrepreneur videos on YouTube

Any your comments are welcomed — especially if you are a Teen Entrepreneur or started as a teen entrepreneur.


Cameron Johnson – on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet on FOX, sharing secrets from his book on entrepreneurship, You Call the Shots


  1. That was a great interview. Always been a fan of Cameron and also great to hear from Ashley. 🙂

    Till then,


  2. sell textbooks says:

    great interview, not as good as yours but still good to see his new book out.

  3. kathans56 says:

    Smart dude that applied himself and it paid off. More teenagers need to see what they can do verses making excuses of why they can’t get a job.

  4. Matty@multieffectspedal says:

    I love this youtube video its very inspiring, Man i love the kid who has several businesses on the go, he seems like a true entrepenur he has his fingers in lots of pies.

    Man makes me want to kick my own butt and start making some real money.

  5. used tires says:

    Yea, it’s really humbling what kids are able to do today. Some of us older folk find it hard to even grasp that these kids are able to make more money in a year than you could in a whole career in the past.

    Till then,


  6. This video really rocks! congrats. This article is really cool

  7. Canopy Bed Curtains says:

    I enjoyed watching that youtube video – the interview with Cameron was very interesting and quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  8. JetAirways says:

    That’s really an inspiring video. I always wanted to become an Entrepreneur and this video is enough to motivate me. Thanks for posting this one.

  9. It’s amazing how little people expect from internet businesses. And then stories like this come along and then I’m assuming people think it’s easy money, not knowing how much time and effort goes into it. Great interview though.

  10. James Gray says:

    Great interview! Its amazing how teens can do such great things.

  11. Wow it is just amazing to me how kids these days are becoming millionaires before they can even drive a car! I thought I was young when I started my business and I was already 20 at the time, and I still haven’t earned a million dollars in one year yet. Good for them!

  12. mary900009 says:

    Unbelievable! Thanks for posting the clip; very inspiring!

  13. I recently read cameron johnsons book “you call the shots” and was really inspired by what he’d achieved at such a young age

  14. pays to live green says:

    Wow, Cameron is ridiculous. Congrats to his success and hopefully I can meet his success one day 🙂

  15. myemail says:

    That is truly inspiring, especially listening to Cameron’s journey from such a young age! I like what Ashley said about “having a passion” I feel like you def have to have one. That is pretty good to hear though that Cameron doesn’t waste alot of his money, which tells me what he does is truly his passion.

  16. used tires says:

    Robby that is certainly true. Just because some entrepreneurs get rich really quick, people think it’s very easy. Few realize that amount of research and wise decisions involved in said success. Not to mention the risks, which outweigh those taken in most conventional jobs.

    Till then,


  17. Simon Dunn says:

    Hi guys and girls, was after some help on how you go about getting PR like the interview above. any good pr agents etc would be a great help.

    Im the ceo of http://www.singlehotandloaded.co.uk – its my latest and boldest ventre to date.

    Any thoughts would be welcome!

  18. Mike Stamatelos says:

    Wow, very inspiring. It’s unbelievable the stories that young entrepreneurs tell: they’re one of usually abandoned ideals of rigor and fearless passion with a surprise of plain-old “hard work”, seemingly lost in this young generation.

    A local Pittsburgh entrepreneurship radio station is hosting some very young entrepreneurs today (Friday) from 3 to 6 pm on http://www.TAEradio.com. I believe that there is going to be three kids on it: it should be interesting!

  19. Robert D. says:

    It is really “Inspirational” Interview.
    Kids should take positive notes from this Interview.

    Nowadays, Young generation is having tremendous potential and creative ideas.

    Robert D.

  20. Robb Markley says:

    Great inspiration for teens. Cameron and Ashley show what someone can do and that you don’t have to wait to get started.

  21. BulaMarquez says:

    woow, That is nice to see teens around who are very successful beside being inspiring to ordinary poor teen like us 😀

  22. Amazing and its nice to know that you can made it, if you want to.

    Very motivating.


  23. Gabriel Fuller says:

    Incredible Cameron and Ashley are some smart young people! It’s weird to think that Cameron is younger than me but making so much money on a consistent basis. I know I am going to be a millionaire, and my goal is to be a millionare by 30, and these two are great examples of how it’s possible! If you want to follow me on my journey to what I am calling “millionairedom” checkout my blog: you can click on my name above and it will take you there.

    Happy millionaireing everyone!

  24. ariston | free backlinks says:

    very motivational vids! lots of kids are millionaires nowadays, I wish there’s an internet when I was just a kid… 😉

    btw, I like the new layout of retire21.com!

  25. Jessica says:

    It is absolutely amazing that she got success in such a young age.

    What is the secret behind her successful career?

  26. Yeah it’s crazy how some people can really make huge dollars it take a lot of hard work and a little luck.

  27. Coming up with an original idea, making it big then sellling it off is really hard these days! Think the last success story of this type of thing was back when google bought youtube. The biggest story of all would have been the take over of facebook for 1 billon dollars but the owner didn;t sell up.. Cheers Jason

  28. This is the new age and people need to see that the biggest medium of making money is the internet. Entrepreneurs are going to be the millionaires in this century.

  29. Wicked bit of info. I’m glad Aaron put me onto Cameron after interviewing him too. Hopefully my naivety will serve me well in getting an interview with Cameron too.

  30. DJ Sophia says:

    wow that was really a brilliant video thanks for sharing that…..

  31. Simon From TimesNewsToday says:

    Hi Cameron Johnson you have inspired me lot’s of thanks to you I have read the “site profit domination” and it was awesome…

  32. Smart dude that applied himself and it paid off. More teenagers need to see what they can do verses making excuses of why they can’t get a job.

  33. Tushar @Technology says:

    Lots of kids are millionaires nowadays, I wish there’s an internet when I was just a kid.

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