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Making Money Online Blogs – Top 10 Reviews

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Where to Buy Reviews in the Make Money Online World

You may well have seen some reviews in the blogosphere about Retire at 21. In the main these reviews were paid for by me. Question is – Was it worth it? I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with a lot of them. Here are more results from 10 of my paid reviews.

Tyler Cruz
Jonathan Volk
Courtney Tuttle
The University Kid
Carl Ocab
John Cow
Internet Babel
One Mans Goal
Infected By Bugs
The Blog Entrepreneur

Why Tyler? Tyler gave the best review by far, offering suggestions, constructive criticism and feedback. He obviously researched the website and did a great job because of it!

Why not “The Blog Entrepreneur”? Although The Blog Entrepreneur gave me the most words, about 1000 of those words were about my “about page”. Overall I wasn’t impressed with The Blog Entrepreneur. I appreciate feedback – positive and negative – I do feel their review a waste of time. Also about an hour after I bought the review The Blog Entrepreneur posted another blog post up above it which gave me very little exposure. The Blog Entrepreneur also only included one link to my site untill I mentioned it to him and only then did he change it.

I would recommend buying paid reviews on any of the top 5 ranked websites, they all did a great job! I will be buying another review from all of them in the near future.

I would also like to point out that Infected By Bugs offered to refund me because of the low click through rate, he kept checking with me how my advert was going and if there was anything he could do. In the end he placed a advert on his forum which was well worth the money!

Please Note: The price’s displayed are there typically rate, I did manage to negotiate a lower price with most websites.


  1. Tom Beaton says:

    Interesting to see those figures. Did you notice a significant increase in RSS readership too?

    I have always found the blog entrepreneur to be very helpful and pleasant.

  2. Tyler Cruz says:

    Thanks for the plug 🙂

  3. Second highest number of comments – that’s the community factor at work. My readers kick ass 😛

    Interesting roundup, never seen this kind of thing done before (where I was involved, at least) 😉

  4. Interesting blog post – I can see Tyler Cruz getting a lot of paid review requests off the back of this post!

  5. Jonathan Volk says:

    Awesome! 🙂 I had the lowest CPC! 🙂 Hehehe…


  6. Very nice post! Shame I did not charge you, could have easily got top 3 lol.

  7. Oddly enough your click count doesn’t match my outgoing clicks to your links via Google Analytics.

    You are also doing a disservice by not posting the dates that these reviews were posted. By the time mine went live you had already been reviewed everywhere.

    It was old news.

  8. I am not going to get into a comment war..I will say this and then let it go..(at least I hope)……My review wasn’t all that positive so I am sure that didn’t inspire a lot of clicks.

    I scanned some of the other reviews and most of them were very positive although most of them are also more in your age group. Maybe they relate to your content more than I did but I just didn’t see much to get excited about. I could lie about it but that isn’t my style.

    I had 297 visitors the day I posted your review, which is a bit lighter than normal. If they aren’t interested enough to check you out then that’s nothing I can help.

    I just skimmed Jonathan’s review and it is MUCH more positive than mine. I am simply not a fan of sites that are a thinly disguised affiliate pump.

    Good Luck.

  9. InfectedByBugs says:

    Thanks for putting me in the list Michael!

  10. Devvo's Dad says:

    Hey Up Michael.

    I’ll do a review on you. Say $10. You might get some extra traffic from Hull.

    Devvo’s Dad

  11. Nice list.. Why didnt you list John Chow? 😛

  12. Shanker Bakshi says:

    so you bought a review on john cow for US$100,

    Give me a chance to prove my worth, i will beat all these guy ( Kidding 🙂

  13. Make Money Online With Bontb says:

    You should of advertise with me lol btw I run special right now $25 for full month and Ill probably give you permanent link that is review. I receive about 500-900 visitors per day.

  14. Bontb, thing here is not about how much traffic you are getting, but it is that how many visitors are you sending to Michael’s blog.

  15. Make Money Online With Bontb says:

    @Chetan: At least 300-400 a month? But since his blog is familiar to others maybe even more. Currently I placed an add from theuniversitykid.com he might tell you more.

  16. Paid reviews are good… they help generate some good traffic to your site!

  17. Living Off Dividends & Passive Income says:

    Was the point of the posts click-through traffic or permanent backlinks?

    I thought that the whole point of paid reviews was backlinks. For instance, I charge $100 for a permanent in-post anchored text (usually old posts), whereas I charge $36 for a one month site-wide sponsored links. If there wasn’t any value in the anchored text links, why would advertisers go for them?

  18. Wow tyler beat out everyone?? Guess he put his money where his mouth was.. Or his fingers… Nice results, very useful. Hope to see JC next time!

    Visit the all new:
    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

  19. congratulation !!

  20. Zak Benson says:

    May be you should rank the web sites by ratio price/cliks (CPC). Than you would have different order 🙂 2. 3. 1.

  21. Blog for Beginners says:

    Hopefully I could make it into your list one day, Michael.


  22. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  23. congratulation !!i never seen some one to rank like this Don’t know who to trust? We review the best ways!!

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