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Young Entrepreneur Community

Want to connect with other young entrepreneurs from around the world? Michael and Dmitriy founded the Young Entrepreneur Secret Crew just for that.

The Young Entrepreneur Secret Crew is a private Facebook Group for entrepreneurs under 30 at all levels of success, from total startups to multiple seven figure companies.


To get into the crew, you can apply below. Once you have submitted your application, click here to request to join the crew. Dmitriy will approve your request after reading through your application. Requests without applications won’t be accepted.

  • Briefly, who are you as an entrepreneur? Goals, challenges, failures, successes, etc.
  • Tell us about your company, products, services, etc. If you are just starting, tell us what you're working on.
    Notifications about scholarships, events, programs, and other opportunities specifically for young entrepreneurs. We rarely email, and only when it's super valuable to the community.

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