10 World Famous Companies that Started in Garages

by Michael Dunlop HP Garage

Here are ten of the world’s most gigantic businesses that started in garages.


Copywriting Guide – Fascinations

by Michael Dunlop Dictionary Series - Marketing: communication

The ‘Unfair Advantage’ for selling anything online Ask any good business owner that understands direct marketing “what is the one biggest advantage that if you had it could make you millions?” They are not going to say their list. Although it is a huge asset. Nor will they say there PPC campaign, or their blog. All of these are great[click to continue…]


Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Winners For Yanik’s Underground

by Michael Dunlop underground seminar

This is the third year Yanik Silver has offered young entrepreneurs around the world a chance to come to his seminar for free. For the past two years, I have hosted the competition on Retireat21! Every year we say we will accept 10 winners, but it’s more like 12 because we have so many great applications, this year we accepted[click to continue…]


How To Create a Billion Dollar Company

by Michael Dunlop dre-beats

Characteristics of a Billion Dollar Company Recently I have been looking at some of the worlds most success billionaires such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. Although only being 21 years old, I often feel like I’m not achieving as much as I really can, I look at other people who at my age are so much further[click to continue…]


How I Created Retireat21 | The Blog That Made Me Famous

by Michael Dunlop michael dunlop blogger success

The Insider Story On How I Created My Most Successful Blog It seems like only yesterday but it was back in 2006 that I came up with the idea for Retireat21.com. I was at Yanik Silver’s UK Underground Seminar, and I was just networking and discussing ideas with some other entrepreneurs at the event. I was aged 17 at the[click to continue…]


Top 30 Young Bloggers

by Michael Dunlop Top Bloggers

Over the past 4 years, millions of people have visited Retireat21 to learn how to create their own business online and make money some how from the internet. One thing that stands out to me is the desire of so many young bright entrepreneurs who want to break into the blogging niche.


Fredrick Nijm Interview | Addoway Co-Founder Reveals His Entrepreneurial Secrets

by Michael Dunlop Addoway

Today we have a superb interview with one of the most talented young entrepreneurs I have come across in 2010 – Fredrick Nijm of Addoway.com Addoway.com is a free social marketplace that helps you buy and sell with your friends and the people they know. Addoway’s mission is to bring the next generation of “social commerce” to the masses, where[click to continue…]


Ethan Austin Interview | Smart Business Lessons From A Social Entrepreneur

by Michael Dunlop ethancrop1

Interview With A Social Entrepreneur Hi Everyone, Today we have an awesome example of Social entrepreneurship. Young Social entrepreneurship! Ethan Austin of Newport Beach, CA had his charitable idea realised when he received a chance phone call from a college friend. The tip off his friend gave Ethan even rocked his world, as he packed his bags and left California[click to continue…]


Natasha Nelson Interview | Yogurtini Founder Blazes The Way For Young Entrepreneurs

by Michael Dunlop Natasha-Nelson

Hi Everybody, I’m pleased to introduce to you a fantastic young entrepreneur whose hugely successful and rapidly expanding business in frozen yoghurt is taking the US by storm. Meet Natasha Nelson of Yogurtini – Natasha and her popular and creative company are based in Southern California, the perfect location for an entrepreneur who best describes herself as “a true beach[click to continue…]


More Email Opt-in Secrets | Email List Building Tips

by Michael Dunlop id-screenshot5

How To Build Your Email List Hi Everyone, Today we have video post on that all important subject – How Do I Increase My Email Opt-ins? If you have been following me over at IncomeDiary.com you will have noticed that I have started to do quite a number of video posts. They are turning out to be very popular and[click to continue…]