More Email Opt-in Secrets | Email List Building Tips

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How To Build Your Email List Hi Everyone, Today we have video post on that all important subject – How Do I Increase My Email Opt-ins? If you have been following me over at you will have noticed that I have started to do quite a number of video posts. They are turning out to be very popular and[click to continue...]


Welcome to the new Retireat21 Site!

by Michael

Hello Everyone, Today I would like to welcome you to the new! It’s been around a year since I have really worked hard on the site, to cut a long story short, HUGE programming errors and so we finally moved the whole site over to WordPress. For those of you who want to make sure they start their blog[click to continue...]


Cameron Herold – Raising Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

by Michael

Smart Kids Become Entrepreneurs Hi Everyone, Today I am featuring the BackPocket COO – Cameron Herold in one of the best videos I have ever watched on being a young entrepreneur and inspiring parents to raise entrepreneurs. Cameron is one very smart guy who also just so happens to mentor my friend Yanik Silver. I have heard Yanik mention Cameron[click to continue...]


The Best Internet Marketing Seminar’s Ever!

by Michael

Underground Online Seminar 6 Hi Everyone, This has been a month of travels, a month of learning, a month of FUN and two great Internet Marketing Seminars. First I was attending Ryan Lee’s Continuity Summit in Stamford, Connecticut and then 11th – 14th March I was in Washington DC for Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar I learned so much from[click to continue...]


Teen Millionaires – How Did They Do It

by Michael Teen Millionaires  - How They Do It

Teen Millionaires Hi Everyone, This video features one of my favorite young entrepreneurs Cameron Johnson – whom I have been fortunate enough to meet and also to have interviewed in the past. Cameron Johnson has been featured in over two-hundred newspapers, magazines and television stations worldwide including Newsweek, BusinessWeek, USA Today, The New York Times, The New York Post, Time[click to continue...]


Adam Horwitz – How I Got Started Online

by Michael

Hi Everyone, A couple of weeks ago I did a post at my website titled: The True Story Of My Overnight Success Partly confessional and partly inspirational the post got a lot of good responses. You see a lot of people seem to think that successful people ALWAYS were successful or they are in someway different from everyone else,[click to continue...]


Catherine Cook Interview

by Michael

Catherine Cook – Young Entrepreneur Interview Young Entrepreneur, Catherine Cook of reveals the secrets of how she got 5 Million Members on Talk to Catherine Cook for any length of time and you get the distinct feeling you don’t need to remember this girl’s name because you’ll be hearing it often in the years to come. Catherine Cook[click to continue...]


Rand Fishkin Interview

by Michael

Rand Fishkin is CEO of SEOmoz offer a Pro Membership at $47 per month and recently celebrated their 2000th paying member. Now, you do the MATH on that! Well done Rand and Team! Todays interview is with Rand Fishkin CEO of SEOmoz, is a Seattle-based SEO company, which serves as a hub for search marketers worldwide, providing education,[click to continue...]

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Elizabeth Torres Interview

by Michael

Elizabeth Torres – Author of “Because the Flame is Alive”, is perhaps our most unusual interviewee to date – after all, how do you go about introducing a remarkable young lady who describes herself as Poet, Painter and Motivational Speaker? And all at only aged 20! Interview with Elizabeth Torres – Author of “Because the Flame is Alive” Elizabeth is[click to continue...]

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Todd Masonis Interview

by Michael

Todd Masonis is a co-founder and Vice President of Products for Plaxo. He is Plaxo?s lead user interface designer and Windows programmer. Plaxo is the third company Todd has founded. Previously, he co-founded netElement and Natient Technologies. Thanks for agreeing to this interview Todd. I have been looking forward to completing this interview for some time. First off – can[click to continue...]

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