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Interview With Marshall Haas Of NeedWant

by Dmitriy Kozlov Marshall

The following is an interview with young serial entrepreneur, Marshall Haas. Marshall’s websites are MarshallHaas.com and NeedWant.com where the rest of his ventures are showcased. Marshall was 23 at the time of the interview, but has just recently turned 24. Marshall was a winner of the Underground scholarship the first year it was done, and has gone to a very[click to continue…]

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Interview With Sasha Gilberg of 2XC

by Dmitriy Kozlov Sasha

Sasha Gilberg, 24, is a young entrepreneur who started one of Australia’s first conversion optimization agency, 2XC (Two Times Conversions), and has since grown it to nearly a half a million in revenue. In this interview Sasha shares his Six Conversion Principles, some great tactics and examples, and his biggest life and business lessons from a year of trials and[click to continue…]

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Fredrick Nijm Interview | Addoway Co-Founder Reveals His Entrepreneurial Secrets

by Michael Dunlop Addoway

Today we have a superb interview with one of the most talented young entrepreneurs I have come across in 2010 – Fredrick Nijm of Addoway.com Addoway.com is a free social marketplace that helps you buy and sell with your friends and the people they know. Addoway’s mission is to bring the next generation of “social commerce” to the masses, where[click to continue…]


Ethan Austin Interview | Smart Business Lessons From A Social Entrepreneur

by Michael Dunlop ethancrop1

Interview With A Social Entrepreneur Hi Everyone, Today we have an awesome example of Social entrepreneurship. Young Social entrepreneurship! Ethan Austin of Newport Beach, CA had his charitable idea realised when he received a chance phone call from a college friend. The tip off his friend gave Ethan even rocked his world, as he packed his bags and left California[click to continue…]


Natasha Nelson Interview | Yogurtini Founder Blazes The Way For Young Entrepreneurs

by Michael Dunlop Natasha-Nelson

Hi Everybody, I’m pleased to introduce to you a fantastic young entrepreneur whose hugely successful and rapidly expanding business in frozen yoghurt is taking the US by storm. Meet Natasha Nelson of Yogurtini – Natasha and her popular and creative company are based in Southern California, the perfect location for an entrepreneur who best describes herself as “a true beach[click to continue…]


Jason Dorsey Interview, The Gen Y Guy Explains How to Save Money and Grow your Business

by Michael Dunlop dorsey

How to Save Money and Grow your Business Hi Everyone, Today at RetireAt21.com we are delighted to interview Jason Ryan Dorsey – AKA “The Gen Y Guy and author Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business Generation Y—sometimes called Millennials — are the fastest growing segment in America’s workforce. Almost 80 million[click to continue…]


Ty Morse Interview – Songwhale.com Founder, Design a Compelling Brand

by Michael Dunlop Ty from SongWhale

Hey Everyone, What a cool site my next interviewee runs. It’s called SongWhale.com – a free entertainment service delivering premium digital content directly to your handheld device. Founder Ty Morse has always been interested in music – he’s even written two ROCK operas! When asked who he models himself on, Ty humorously replied “Doctor Who.” One piece of advice from[click to continue…]


Nathan Egan Interview, Freesourcing – How to drive efficiency and stay competitive

by Michael Dunlop nathan-egan

Freesourcing Explained – The Nathan Egan Interview Hi Everyone, Today I would like to introduce you to the definitive authority on the business practice of “freesourcing” – Mr Nathan Egan of FreeSource Agency. Freesourcing is a methodology that Nathan teaches to business and organizations in order to drive efficiency and stay competitive. I think Freesourcing is something many of us[click to continue…]


Chris Stanchak Interview, CEO of TicketLeap.com Talks Business!

by Michael Dunlop chris stanchak

Hire Talent Over Experience Hi Everyone Here’s a nice little interview with Chris Stanchak, CEO of TicketLeap.com one of the fastest growing online ticketing companies. Chris founded TicketLeap.com in 2003 to bring professional-grade ticketing to events too small to get the attention of the big ticketing companies. Like many entrepreneurs before him, Chris spotted a gap in the market and[click to continue…]


Derek Johnson Interview, Founder Of The Revolutionary Tatango Text Messaging Platform Reveals His Entrepreneurial Secrets

by Michael Dunlop derek

The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get Hi Everyone! Do you Tatango? Today we have a very interesting interview for you with Derek Johnson – founder of SMS Marketing startup Tatango.com – a Test Messaging Platform that allows the thousands that use Tatango every day to keep their group connected through group SMS. Tatango.com was born out of a[click to continue…]