Top 30 Young Bloggers

by Michael Dunlop

Over the past 4 years, millions of people have visited Retireat21 to learn how to create their own business online and make money some how from the internet. One thing that stands out to me is the desire of so many young bright entrepreneurs who want to break into the blogging niche. The great thing about blogging is it only requires on thing which is VALUE. Get your content right and driving traffic and making money becomes really easy. Check out these 30 successful young bloggers out and you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

Since publishing this post, my younger brother has began his own website about photography called Expert Photography. Check it out and wish him good luck!

30 Greatest Young Bloggers of 2010

#1 Glenn Allsopp

glenWhy ViperChill made this list?

Glen’s blog may not have millions of views, but his influence and web authority have proven to be astounding. Every post that goes up is deeply discussed and appreciated by all readers.

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#2 David Leggett

david-leggettWhy Tutorial 9 made this list?

With over 58,000 subscribers and a huge amount of traffic, this highly successful blog has become one of the top destinations for Photoshop, photography and web design tutorials.

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#3 Syed Balkhi

syedWhy WpBeginner made this list?

WPBeginner is a very popular site that brings tips, tools, and resources for WordPress together. From the looks of WPBeginner its clear that Syed is a master of WordPress.

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#4 Dainis Graveris

daWhy 1stWebDesigner made this list?

In the crowded niche of design blogs, few stand out as much as 1stWebDesigner. With killer design content, it’s clear why this blog already has over 59,000 subscribers.

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#5-6 Sam & Zach Dunn

samWhy BuildInternet made this list?

It’s quite impressive that their under 21 and already have a network of successful blogs, BuildInternet being the primary.

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#7 Ryan Imel

Ryan ImelWhy WPCandy made this list?

WPCandy is the largest WordPress news blog. Ryan shines when it comes to a beautifully designed site full of awesome content.

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#8 Taimur Asad

taimurWhy Redmond Pie made this list?

WPCandy is the largest WordPress news blog. Ryan shines when it comes to a beautifully designed site full of awesome content.

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#9 Liam Goodwin

liamWhy Filmonic made this list?

Filmonic is a huge movie blog that was started in 2007. Liam shares reviews, posters, news and trailers, just about everything thats related to the movie industry.

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#10 Alex Fraiser

alexWhy Blogussion made this list?

Blogussion is one of the best designed blogging blogs out there. Alex knows what he’s doing and has already sold copies of the beautiful Blogussion Thesis Theme.

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#11 Long Zheng

long Why istartedsomething made this list?

This is mostly a Microsoft oriented blog. Long is a very smart and funny guy which makes reading his blog a great experience for everyone.

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#12 Marco Kuiper

Marco KuiperWhy MarcoFolio made this list?

MarcoFolio provides excellent, varying content on design, blogging and programming. Having over 300,000 impressions a month is quite impressive for a 20 year old blogger.

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#13 S.Pradeep Kumar

S.Pradeep KumarWhy HellBound Bloggers made this list?

This Mashable styled blog is one of the top technology, social media and blogging blogs out there. With in depth tutorials, reviews and tips, its not something you want to miss.

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#14 Brian Lovin

brianWhy Elite By Design made this list?

With a sleek design and excellent interviews, themes, resources and web design content, it’s an obvious hit. Having this kind of blog at 18 isn’t too bad.

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#15 Carl Ocab

carlWhy CarlOcab made this list?

Known as the Kidblogger, his blog is the first search result for “make money online.” His experience at such a young age, shows that he has the authority to teach others the same.

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#16 Sushant Risodkar

sushantWhy SmartBloggerz made this list?

SmartBloggerz is one of the top blogs on making money online and blogging. Considering that its run by a mere 17 year old, it’s a must see.

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#17 Adam Horowitz

adam Why made this list?

Adam shares “what they should teach in school” and he’s absolutely right. He’s on his way to making a million dollars in a year by 21, and he “vlogs” exactly how he does.

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#18 Ben Lang

Ben LangWhy EpicLaunch made this list?

EpicLaunch is an up and coming multi-author entrepreneur blog. Benjamin Lang recently rebranded this blog from

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#19 Onibalusi Bamidele

adamWhy YoungPrePro made this list?

A rising “young entrepreneur blog.” Onibalusi certainly knows what he’s doing, look at any other blog in the niche and you’ll find his guest posts and comments all over the place.

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#20 Prasanth Chandra

adamWhy PC’s made this list?

Prasanth provides some great PC tutorials, tips and freebies. Definitely worth taking a look at if you need help with your computer.

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#21 Shankar Ganesh

adamWhy Killer Tech Tips made this list?

This popular tech blog has been mentioned on Lifehacker and Yahoo Tech Blog. The blog has over 200,000 pageviews every month and keep growing.

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#22 Musab Zain ul Abideen

skizWhy Skidzopedia made this list?

A gadget, news, reviews and software blog is no easy feat to run. This 19 year old software engineer makes it look quite easy.

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#23 Aditya

adityaWhy TechRavings made this list?

Here’s another popular tech blog run by a mere 16 year old from India. He also has huge following on Twitter, with more an 50,000 followers.

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#24 Ravi Lachireddy

raviWhy Chotoan made this list?

This Vietnamese blogger not only manages a “make money online” blog but also a successful forum. He may be young but he certainly is smart.

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#25 Melvin Dichoso

melvinWhy MelvinBlog made this list?

Melvin Blog is a growing marketing tips blog. Melvin, from the Philippines, shares his knowledge that he’s learned throughout his online career.

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#26 Norman John

normanWhy SymbianWorld made this list?

This blog was founded over 3 years ago and is now one of the biggest Symbian blogs in the world. It’s full of tutorials, freebies and resources.

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#27 Stefan Vervoort

stefanWhy DivitoDesign made this list?

This is a nicely designed blog with “everything for the web professional.” Stefan has a lot of experience on the web and truly shows it through his blog.

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#28 Jim Regan

jimWhy Jimvesting made this list?

It’s not often that you see young bloggers blogging about stock investing. Jim, a college student majoring in finance, is one of the few and certainly seems to be doing well.

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#29 Thilak Rao

jimWhy TechBuzz made this list?

This blog shares great tech advice and news. Thilak founded this blog as a result of an overwhelming Internet and tech addiction.

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#30 Abdulrehman Agha

aghaWhy made this list?

There may be a lot of blogs in the “make money online” niche but here’s another one that stands out. Abdulrehman shares great tips that he himself implements.

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Who’s your favorite Top Young Blogger?

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  1. Fred @

    Wow Michael. This is a great list of bloggers. I have a lot of sites to start checking out. Thanks

    • vince gaddis

      man mike, I never knew it was so many young bloggers that are changing the game of business I look forward to being part of that list very soon...and id like to personally say thank you for helping me get started in this business ive leaned alot from your teachings you are indeed one of my biggest influences continue to inspire your frend, vince gaddis

  2. Simrandeep Singh

    Glad to see one of my friend bloggers here in this list - Pradeep from HellBoundBloggers.

  3. Jan Luts

    Very nice posts, I'm reading allot of them already. Others will be checked out soon as well! Thanks!

  4. Glen Allsopp

    Awesome list Michael, thanks a lot for the mention!

    • Michael

      Value comes first in my eyes, your top there.

    • King Sidharth

      You were meant to be here :P Really awesome list. Nice to see so many friends of mine in there

  5. Justin Germino

    Great list of bloggers and I feel so much older after reading this list and seeing these folks. For those people who have an entrepreneurial spirit being able to start in your teens and literally experiment online with very little investment capital with the potential for decent rewards not only provides monetary value but the experience learned is priceless.

  6. Ben

    Thanks so much for including me, I'm honored... Really great list :)

  7. Syed Balkhi

    Thanks for including me and WPBeginner Michael. I am honored to be listed with some great folks. I felt someone was missing from the list: Didn't see Michael Dunlop at the top of the list? ;)

    • Michael

      Number 1. isn't good enough for me haha :-) Keep your blogging going Syed, your stuff blows me away. In America you just run your mouth and I'm like I need a pad and pen when I hang with this guy.

  8. Onibalusi Bamidele

    This is a really great List Michael, and I am really glad to be featured! I know many of the above listed and they are people who know their stuff (I am so happy to have learned from them). I will be tweeting and stumbling this post right away. Keep up the good work, -Onibalusi

  9. Typhoon

    Thanks dude for including me..Great to my self. By the way, you can change my pic with an unmasked image :D That's my new avatar (original)..

  10. Felix Albutra

    What! Why I am not on the list? hehehehe.... Just kidding... I am glad that some of my close blogging friends are featured on the list. - Carl Ocab and Melvin: are my fellow countrymen. - Onibalusi and Sushant: we often do chatting on gtalk. - Ben Lang: I am still working for my guest post for his blog. - Glen: An awesome guy that really inspired me on giving more value to all my post. - Adam: Though he don't know me yet, I am a big fan of this guy because of his achievements of making money online through launching various products. Thanks for sharing this Michael. I will do my very best to catch them... - Blogging

  11. Vandana

    really disappointed to see no female bloggers in your list :(

    • Lex Garey

      I'm right there with Vandana. I'd be interested to see some of the top young, female bloggers.

    • Sarah

      My thoughts exactly! :(

  12. GraphicsFuel

    Awesome list, Michael. It's great to see these young bloggers / entrepreneurs making big in the blogging world. There's lot to learn from these guys and I have already visited some of the blogs and there's quality stuff on them. Great work guys, and congrats to top the list. Keep up the good works, Rafi

  13. babajide

    Great List Michael.... Everyone on the list provide great contents with Value and I am Happy to see my Nigerian Brother on the list too....keep it up Dele

  14. babajide

    Great List Michael…. Everyone on the list provide great contents with Value on their blogs...nice to see lots of Under 20 bloggers doing it big and I am Happy to see my Nigerian Brother on the list too….keep it up Dele..... What About Rob Rammuny of I think he deserves a spot on this list

  15. Shankar Ganesh

    I'm honored to be featured in this list along with fellow young bloggers. Congrats to all of them! Thanks, Michael!

  16. Aditya

    Hi Michael, Thanks for adding me to this amazing list. I am honored (elated is the right word I guess :D). I have always seen you as my idol and got to learn more things from you in future. Regards, Aditya

  17. Mani Viswanathan

    Super list. Good way to encourage young bloggers to turn them into entrepreneurs. Special kudos to the one's who are merely 16 :)

  18. Clinton Jeff

    Great list up there! At 24 I guess i'm way too old for these sorts of things :P

  19. Ryan Imel

    Thanks for listing me here, it's a great list. Plenty of top notch work here. By the way, I'll be 23 in September. Might make me one of the older ones on this list, heh?

  20. Passive Income Dorm

    Great list!! I've been looking for a list like this to link to from my site. My site is geared towards an audience that is in their late teens and twenties. Thanks.

  21. Stefan Vervoort

    A lot of new interesting names and blogs, good job Micheal. Thanks for the mention!

  22. Ya*

    WOOOOW thats really awesome, ill check 'em all, thanks Michael for this list.


    Awesome list you make. I have a question how you make such kind of list. Thanks For Sharing -Abhishek

  24. Michael

    Hi Michael Incredible list of bloggers here. And everyone an inspiration in their own right. I'm thrilled my mate Onibalusi is on the list - the guy has helped me and others so much and deserves this recognition. Thanks for sharing. Michael

  25. Salman Aslam

    I wish to make it up to that list one day :D

  26. Hannah Rose

    I can't believe there are no girls on here! That's not your fault Michael - I guess there are no young chicks out there making money through blogging...? Well, actually, I'm not sure if that's true, but I suppose they're not blogging about blogging or maybe they don't count? ;)

    • Jeffrey

      Hi Hannah, This is the "Billionaire Bloggers Boys Club". Kinda like the "He Man Woman Haters Club". Ya know; Spanky and the gang. No Women Allowed!!! Only problem is that it seems that only young Guy Bloggers are allowed. As I am 52, I'm not allowed either! Looks like we both sit on the sidelines. :(

    • Paulin

      Hi Hannah, I don't understand why there are no women mentioned on this list either. But, what I can assure you is that there are more female bloggers than male bloggers. Just because we don't blog about making money or technology it doesn't mean that we don't actually make money or that our blogs aren't worth mentioning. Most female bloggers I know blog about health, fitness, beauty, parenting and so forth so they're not part of the "good old boy" club of blogging about money. Hence, you don't see their names on these lists.

  27. Susan

    I agree. Great post, but what about the women, and we don't always have to blog about blogging and money. My "digg-like" site has a different non-tech approach, but STILL worthy of some attention :)

    • Ileane

      I agree. Where are the ladies at???

  28. TSAR3000

    Great List ... But As I see A lot Of these Blogs Talk About Money making And Some Only Talks About Other fields like photoshop and softwares so does that mean talking about money can bring money?!

  29. Melvin

    Wow. Im really gratified to be on this list along with those great guys! Anyways I'm 20 years old so you may want to update that. :)

  30. Manikandan

    Hi Michael once again great list..thanks for sharing :)

  31. Shaun

    Hey Michael, What does it take to get listed? I'm 21, and have blogs that are top 10 results for words like "gold", "financial planning" and dozens of other keywords. I make a couple hundred thousand a year. I'm 21. Haha, I love the site. Thanks!

  32. d3so

    Nice list, maybe next time I'll be able to make it. I need to get to work. I've noticed that most on the top are designers, maybe I should've went this route.

  33. Prasanth Chandra

    It feels so good to be included in this list along with other young bloggers. Thanks Michael.

  34. Thomas

    Great list, i hope i will be in it one day.

  35. Allaina Abraham

    Why are they no females on the list?

  36. I do new blog

    Every time I read about young bloggers I became full of energy and I want to make it too, but I always stop in middle of any project I start. :( Can I have your permission to translate this post into Arabic and have it on my blog ?? I can send you a copy of the translation if you wanted ... :) I will wait your response plz

  37. Iroko

    Thanks, for the list, this list encourages me to work hard on my blogging lifestyle, I know consistency pays, thanks for the list...

  38. Azad @ Internet Geeks

    Best and latest list. I had been to most of these listed blogs. And Glad to know that many Indian blogger are also doing good. Thanks!

  39. Dino Vedo

    I'm not on the list!!! ahahah thats alright I guess I'm still a bit "underground" and secretly making my income at only 19 years old!!! hheheheh nice list by the way! All the best, Dino Vedo

  40. Yan

    Glad to see 2 Filipinos on your list Michael! This is such an inspiration. Thanks for your great post/s =)

  41. Chris Pund

    Great list Michael! Some awesome sites there as you pointed out.

  42. romeo mark

    hi, its good that some young people are spsring some time to make money,other than wasting time on un constructive issues.

  43. Samuel

    woo great list!!! am a huge fan of pradeep and onibalusi!!!!!!! these guys are fantastic! keep the good work up mike.

  44. John R. Haigh

    Blogussion link is incorrect - you pluralized it! :)

  45. Bronson

    Wow, nice list as well. It's always refreshing & inspiring to see talented folk putting major foot to ass in the online space. I wish you and those on the list all the best for continued future success and remind you to check the rearview mirror - I'll be coming into view soon.

  46. Espree Devora

    Its so interesting that women don't take steps toward being an entrepreneur or if they do they don't make themselves know as guys seem to.

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  48. Peter J

    I'll have to continue to work hard to make the list. Great post - These are some awesome bloggers here.

  49. S.Pradeep Kumar

    Awesome to get listed in this awesome list! ;) Thanks guys!

  50. ashwinm

    gr8 list...nice to see many indians here.;)

  51. Get Your 1st Profitable Website Up & Running In Less Than 24 Hours

    Great post! Some inspirational people here!

  52. Sourish

    Great job guys . ooh im not eligible , im 23 :(

    • Sathishkumar

      Same here Sourish. :(

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  54. vince gaddis

    YOU guys are crushing it ill see you guys at the top next year Resilancy wins wars

  55. Cindy

    This makes me wish to go back in time and start over at this age... these young bloggers are so lucky :)

  56. Young Bloggers Making it Big Online | Passive Income From Your Dorm

    [...] If you’d like to see the top bloggers he selected, visit his site article here. [...]

  57. Bimal Roy

    I am now 16 years old. But my blog started to improve only few months ago. When correctly said, from May onwards. I don't know correctly how much big is my blog, my traffic, income etc when compared to others. So please tell me whether I am good. Also another thing is about my brother Amal Roy, who is 19 now. He also is a blogger at

    • aatif

      I think your brother should come to the list . but this is only 30 as title said they have to change the title for that . :)

  58. 15 of the Coolest Girls Online Right Now You Should Know | TheTechNobody

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  59. aatif

    This is a great list . i love hellboundbloggers .

  60. Jagan

    Great to find many Indian bloggers making to this list. More happy to see my friend PC at #20 :)

  61. Paulin

    Am I the only one whose noticed that there isn't a single female blogger included in this list? Well over 50% of bloggers today are female and with such influential women as Shelley Powers, Christine O'Kelley, and many more, writing excellent blogs I find it hard to see how you could compile this list without mentioning women's contributions as well.

    • Ben

      Noticed it too, but a quick point, those women you mentioned in the comment are all over 21, so what's your point...

      • Paulin

        Hi Ben, Is 21 the cut-of age? Ok even if the people coming up with this list used 21 as a cut-of age isn't it odd how they could not think of one young female blogger to include in their list? My point is that blogging is a collaborative effort. You need other bloggers to support you just as much as they need you to support them. So, we, as members of a new and evolving field, will basically end up shooting ourselves in the foot if we assign ourselves "women's only" and "men's only" fields of blogging.

  62. The Most Effective Way to Increase RSS Subscribers

    [...] people that have linked to me recently where I do recommend their content would be the blogs of Michael and Kristi. They link to me, they write great content, so I’m linking back. Apart from a [...]

  63. Top 13 Blogger With Less Than 1 Year Old Blog In Blogging Tips Niche |

    [...] is a great young blogger already listed in top 30 young entrepreneur list of 2010 by Michael Dunlop. His lovely post and comments you can clearly see everywhere in the niche.His blog provide [...]

  64. Sathishkumar

    I think I missed this list because I am 23 years old, LOL. Its good to see Pradeep and Oni here. Thanks for compiling and posting this awesome list.

  65. Melia

    They're all guys?

  66. Swamykant

    Nice to find young bloggers from India Its good to see Pradeep and Oni here. This is an awesome list.

  67. Fitness Products

    Great list. Each one of these bloggers gives me hope and provides me with inspiration. I am older than all of these bloggers, but am still young enough where I think I have a shot at making it.

  68. thanos

    nice post man,very useful for a full time blogger like myself...:)

  69. Nasif

    Wow nice to see some talented young blogger ! I am a huge fan of

    • Sandeep Singh

      Me too nashif !! pradeep congrats !!

  70. TripHunter

    Great post. Although i must admit, i do find it a little infuriating that all the kids are making millions while they are still so young!

  71. Richbynow

    Love reading this kind of stuff, gives me a kick up the arse.

  72. Dan

    Talk about inspiration! It's amazing to see how successful these bloggers are at such a young age.

  73. harvestwages

    Great post, I thought i am young and successful as a blogger, but i got it wrong. This list really reflects the hard work of these bloggers. i appreciate their work at such tender age. Micheal, why can't i find your name on the list??? I know you are on the top, but some may not realize. You better refresh the list, so your name pops up.

  74. Dawn Le

    A little sad because they are all guys. I guess I must put more effort to get in the list next year, it should have a girl there. By the way, it's still a great list!

  75. Usama

    Superb list. All these people have incredible skills and talent. So much can be done with them and so much is being done. Don't let your skills be left ignored. Thanks.

  76. Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach

    Thanks for putting together this list - just added the individuals to my feedreader. Makes for great educational growing in the morning!

  77. suraj

    Inspiring list Michael, these people are really doing their best. One think thing I observed that why can't I find any girl in the list?

  78. Hector Avellaneda

    Michael - awesome list! Thanks for exposing all these young internet entrepreneurs. I am a relatively new blogger but have recently discovered the ability to inspire others through words and media,to be a passion of mine. I'm a little over the 21 mark but I'll definitely make the list within a few years! I look forward to getting to know you. All the best!

  79. Chris Hughes

    Phenomenal list of people here! I've gotta start connecting with more of these young guys, I've spoken with a few but still have plenty to meet!

  80. Ryan

    Really interesting list since I haven't heard of half these guys so I'll have plenty of new sites to check out. I see there's a pattern of make money online, blogging, and design style blogs, but don't see much for lead generation or blogs that focus on making money for offline businesses.

  81. Wong

    a very inspired post. michael, reading your all post never feel bored! great thanks

  82. Nicole Dominguez

    Wow! This is a great list of very accomplished people! The only thing that upsets me is that there are no girls on here! Where did they all go? :(

  83. Rakesh Kumar

    Great honor to see them, i hope that one day i will be in this list.

  84. Gavin

    You should add Pat Flynn to this list!

    • Chris

      Couldn't agree more, Pat is awesome and his podcast rocks.

  85. Jimmy

    Well that is nice list...congrats to all young bloggers...

  86. Typhoon

    You made me too young in the update :D I am currently 17 but being shown 14 ;)

  87. Sunny

    Great list. It's nice to find all these guys in one place. I run a similar site dedicated to Travel, Adventure, and Entrepreneurship. If you're so inclined, check it out. Cheers guys!

  88. Bowman09

    The information about top 30 boggers presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about top 30 boggers or it will teach you something new. Both are good outcomes.

  89. sarkarinaukri

    Great lists. helpful to find all top blog from different categories.

  90. ukraine sex

    Took me awhile to read all the comments, but I really love the article. It proved to be very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also engaged! I’m sure you had fun writing this article.

  91. Irfan | RealTimeTricks

    Great! One day i too will be on the list.

  92. laxmikant

    This so great, its inspire younger generation.... so much thanks....

  93. Greg

    Profoundly written post. I am amazed at the young, and brilliant minds. This is certainly very strong motivation for me. I lift my hat to all these young successful bloggers. Again, I am inspired.

  94. kayode

    i get really inspired seeing this young guys below 21 years of age doing well in the competitive world of internet marketing.thanks for the list

  95. mike

    i'm not going to get any work done, trying to sort through this list. thanks though..

  96. Julie

    this is really great. I am so amazed that someone from the philippines made it to the list.

  97. Bakare O.

    This is really good for the oldies to look back and see the good works the young ones are doing and also learn from them. This is a good inspiration to me. I will keep working on myself. Thanks

  98. Jia Jun

    Wow, amazing list. I'm at the age of 21 now as well, but just starting to build a blog to pursue the success on the peak of blogging. This list definitely inspiring that I can make it too. =D

  99. fazal mayar

    good list :) nice to see some good young Internet entpreneurs and bloggers .:) blogging is fun.

  100. Example

    Honestly I never knew of a lot of the websites on this list. I visited them all and loved them all. Great list! Even cooler yet was all of these young dudes popping in on the comments to say thanks. Congratz to everyone.

  101. ScorpionGod

    Wow.. Wow.. Wow... What a great list. Awesome! great article. Most bloggers are 20 or 21. I know about 5 blogs in this list before reading this!

  102. Elizbath

    Thats great list..these guys really work hard...

  103. Android Tutorial

    Thanks for sharing this list. they all are Stars in Blogging world.

  104. Karan Lugani

    That's surely a great list and a lot to inspire me about . Hope to be one of them in near future.

  105. Michael Chibuzor

    Wow, young bloggers are truly changing the way things are done online. This list looks pretty good and I can't wait to get some of them featured on my blog

  106. Salman @ Tech Blog

    A great list of successful young bloggers ... Thanks for the share :)

  107. Mus

    Great List Michael.. thanks for sharing

  108. Akif

    My name should be on there ;/

  109. Rich Girl

    Great list! :) It's a pity that there are only guys! I know a lot of cool bloggers which are girls ;) so, waiting for a new list from you with only top girls bloggers :)

    • Gay Aida

      I totally agree with you. It's more on techy and making money online too. So it's kind of in the niche of Michael. But hey, he have a great list here.

  110. Backlink

    Awesome post mate I hope in next list my name is on top :)

  111. John Deen

    my blog stepping the game up. its making it to the front page of google for a few keywords.

  112. Jesus Ramirez

    This is a great list, and I found it interesting that I've been to all of these blogs at one time or another before. But i noticed that they were all guys, are any young gals doing well?

  113. Harfiz@Bizstudent

    Wow! Nice list... Will visit their blog soon.. :)

  114. Dinesh

    I could see a lot of Indian making place in this list. Keep it up buddies "Jai Hind".

  115. Gay Aida

    wow! There's a Filipino made to your list! I really haven't heard of these guys and it's great that you've endorsed them. Well I hope I could make it to your top one day. LOL... Keep it up guys!

  116. blast4trafficreview

    This is a great list of bloggers. I have read some of their work and there are really commendable. Class-A blogs can also be used in blast4traffic.

  117. Rob

    Great information....

  118. Gene Wolff

    Nice blogs everyone, I actually saw alot of the young bucks on that list prior to making the list. So congrats to all of you and keep on blogging. ~G

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