Top 20 Young Internet Entrepreneurs Under 21

by Michael Dunlop

Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Making It BIG Online

Over the past year I have had 1000’s of young internet entrepreneurs contact me, some have incredible ideas and I know that one day they will make a list like this. Today I have created a list of the Top 20 Young Internet Entrepreneurs of 2008.
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“Proof that Internet Success Has No Age Limit”

1. Catherine Cook

MyYearBook –

Why Catherine Matters:

Catherine Cook of managed to get 5 Million Members on Talk to Catherine Cook for any length of time and you get the distinct feeling you don’t need to remember this girl’s name because you’ll be hearing it often in the years to come.

2. Ashley Qualls

WhatEverLife –

Why Ashley Qualls Matters:

Ashley Qualls who is already a multi-millionaire, and has taken the young entrepreneurs world by storm.Aged just 14, Ashley created, a Myspace layouts site aimed at the female demographic, the site now gets over 250,000 visitors every single day, which is more than teen magazines such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen & Cosmogirl… combined.Ashley doesn’t charge users to use the site, instead, she strategically places ads on the site, and around 60% of her monthly income comes from Google Adsense.

3. Paul Bourqe

UberAffiliate –

Why Paul Bourqe:

When I mentioned to Paul that I was doing this post he let me know how many leads he had produced since starting Affiliate Marketing just over a year ago. He has manged to total over 544,120 Leads and at 19 years old – no wonder he has managed to total over $500,000 in one month.

4. David Wilkinson

Affiliate Defined –

Why David Matters:

From Video Game Nerd to Internet Entrepreneur aged 14, David Wilkinson Super Affiliate reveals the secrets of his online success. As you read this interview you will be tempted to think ? is this guy REAL? Especially when you read the maturity of reply and the WISDOM of David.

5. Carl Ocab

Carl Ocab –

Why Carl Matters:

Carl first started his website about making money online as a young entrepreneur at the age of 13. Now 15 he makes several thousands of dollars every month from affiliate sales and private ad deals.

6. Josh Buckley

Menewsha –

Why Josh Matters:

Josh Buckley achieved Financial Freedom at the young age of 15! This year he has earned $xxx,xxx and can now afford to take his family on a two week cruise around the Mediterranean, any gadgets he would ever want and could still afford a small house. Joshua even won the Best Idea Award here on Retire at 21, voted as the best idea for a website out of several 100 contestants.

7. Matt Wegrzyn

Bodis –

Why Matt Matters:

A very young and very successful domainer. If you ever wondered how to make money buying and selling domains then this interview with Matt will inspire. Real step by step advice on making money buying and selling domains

8. Harrison Gevirtz

CPA Share –

Why Harrison Matters:

Harrison is old 16 years old who has been earning income online for the last 3 years. Much of his online focus has been on affiliate marketing, so he recently launched his own affiliate network at

9. Stanley Tang

EmillionsBook –

Why Stanley Matters:

Stanley is just 16 and is just publishing his own book called eMillions where he interviews some of the internets biggest success’s. Stanley will be launching his book in December and it is quite possible that he will make over $100,000 over night!

10. Donny Ouyang

Battle Forums –

Why Donny Matters:

Donny Ouyang, a 16 year old CEO who reveals how he is earning over $6,500 a month! He talks about how he earns 3 times as much as the average adult, got a $25,000 loan from the bank and the future for his business!

11. Long Zheng

I Started Something –

Why Long Matters:

Long Zheng is just 20 years old and runs one of the largest blogs for Microsoft enthusiasts. Long is unlike most bloggers, he claims to never make mystakes, always like to break stories first and expects no one else to blog apart from himself.

12. Andrew Galasetti

Lyved –

Why Andrew Matters:

Andrew is 20 years old and prior to launching Lyved has always been an entrepreneur. He has launched several online ventures including a search engine and has also launched one off line venture; a bottled water company.

13. Andrew Sutherland

Quizlet –

Why Andrew Matters:

Andrew Launched a quiz website to help make learning vocabulary not a chore. Andrew started Quizlet in October 2005, back when he was a mere 15-year-old and has had over 300,000 people register to play and over 35,000,000 games played!

14. Chloe Spencer

Neopets Fanatic –

Why Chloe Matters:

Chloe is a web-savvy teenager who took her hobby to another level by monetizing from it. She launched a fan site for the game Neopets back in 2006 and has earn’t thousands of dollars a month since then.

15. Hansup Yoon

Zune Boards –

Why Hansup Matters:

This past month 15 year old Hansup Yoon, previous owner of Zune Boards, sold it for approximately $62,000 to other investors. It’s pretty amazing to see someone at such a young age making money via internet economics, but I suppose anything is possible these days.

16. Juliette Brindak

Miss O & Friends –

Why Juliette Matters:

It all started when Juliette was 10, she drew people that she called cool girls. She then decided to create a website for her sketches which led to Miss O & Friends which has been valued at $15 million!

17. Gareth Hodson

HostedFx –

Why Gareth Matters:

When I first started creating websites I always looked upto Gareth and would check out what he was doing and try to base my websites on it. Gareth has now sold of some of his websites but still has two really successful websites, HostedFx and PageHole. Gareth host’s over 650 websites and has sold several thousand links on Pagehole, all while attending collage!

18. Joel Drapper

JoelDrapper –

Why Joel Matters:

He was 13 when he first started designing websites and 15 when he launched his company. He now runs his own successful blog about SEO and Link Building – Some solid advice from such a young entrepreneur!

19. Liam Goodwin

Filmonic –

Why Liam Matters: is a UK based movie blog that covers a wide range of movies (although they do have a strict no ‘chick flick’ or ‘rom com’ policy). The site was started back in November 2007 and has been updated on a regular basis ever since, which apparently people like as 150,000 people visited the site last month.

20. Thilak Raj Rao

Tech Buzz –

Why Thilak Matters:

Thilak Raj Rao is a 18 year old collage drop out earning $1000’s every month from his tech blog. Thilak has been online with his website for 2 years now but was a internet addict folloding the top technology websites on the net.

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  1. Andrew Galasetti

    Impressive list! Thanks so much for the mention, it's an honor. -Andrew

    • Josh Roa

      Hey Andrew, I went and checked out your page and I can completely understand why you were added to the list. I like the substance of your articles, different from a lot of other blogs which has completely worked in your favor. And to Michael, excellent work once again! Josh

    • Agus @

      I am just wondering how they can manage their financial and fund their project because to make profitable application they need to prepare some big bucks which is not easy to get if they are teen? what do you think guys?

  2. Blog for Beginners

    Michael You have yet again created a masterpiece article that will surely inspire anyone regardless of age. The never-ending wishful thinking of "I wish I started as young as them" is pretty much inevitable - again. Yan

  3. Gary

    "all while attending collage!" Proofread Michael, proofread! ;)

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  5. Finchey

    Very interesing list, what about making one more? ;)

  6. Ian Fernando

    nice list! i think some of these people were featured in

  7. Kat

    Great list you have Michael. I learn tons from your site all the time. I can't wait to read the next interview you do also.

  8. Gila

    Excellent. Inspiring especially to everyone. I need to get in the list before next year or else it will be too late. lol...

  9. Alex Fraiser

    Great list! I have actually heard of some of these people, and I use HostedFX for my sites.

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  11. The Net Fool

    Great list! That's an awesome compilation, and I didn't know that some of those websites were run by youngsters. I am convinced that Joel Drapper is the biggest scam since sliced bread, but other than that great job!

  12. Missy (from G34 Media)

    I'm glad you started your feature with 2 girls at the top. As many times the females are left out. This time they are front and center. Very cool and impressive list, Michael. Well done!

  13. Phil

    Newspapers should report on kids like these some of time instead of just the hoodie stories.

  14. Michael

    Well said Phil! Thanks for all your support guys!

  15. Gerald SEO Tips Blog

    This is very interesting. I just goes to illustrate how much opportunity the age of the internet has brought us both young and old. Especially the younger generation.

  16. David B.

    "Ashley Qualls who is already a multi-millionaire" "60% of her monthly income comes from Google Adsense." I call B.S. On most of these kids actually. Let's see some stat screenshots. That's what a real web developer forum would insist on before taking these numbers seriously. Anyone who has worked in the business for a long time (10 years for me) has seen hundreds, maybe thousands, of kids this age claiming to make millions. Some maybe, most are exaggerating the profitability of their websites. Great work they're doing, I wish them the best, but a 250k/day site doesn't make someone a multi-millionaire in a couple years from Adsense.

  17. Henry

    My site is hosted by Gareth Hodson's hostedfx. This guys smart, very helpful and well rounded guy, he always helps me and my site out and his hosting is great. I was kinda surprised to see him on the list, like woah wait I know this guy lol, but yea wish he was higher on there

  18. syrhiz

    Interesting site of a Top 20 Young Internet Entrepreneurs Under 21. thumb up!!

  19. Bakka

    this is great news. i am planning something great that i will launch in 2010 december. and in a month my name will be there. though by that time i will be 21 years old. thanks for the motivation mica.

  20. Printer

    Damn. Impressive. Inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

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  22. David Wilkinson

    Thanks for the inclusion (4th - w00t w00t!), and thanks David B for being a skeptic, I suspect your concerns about inflated figures may be right. I have stats to vouch for myself, and know for a fact that the top 3 above me are all doing the figures they claim, aswell as Josh in 6th and those in 9th and 10th aswell. Us young'ns. We do a fair bit of networking amongst ourselves, you know! ;) - David Wilkinson

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  24. MK (Casey) van Bronkhorst

    A beautiful list. It gives this grandma-aged person great hope for the future, and a sense that one or more of these talented entrepreneurial sorts will be heading up at least one of the ships of state. @caseyfern

  25. Todd

    Great stuff! umm where are the interviews?

  26. Stanley Tang

    Great post Michael, especially the person in 9th :P

  27. Marketing Man

    Wow, I'm inspired. These young people are really making it hey, what a great group of brilliant youngsters they are. ;-)

  28. Allahverdi

    Pffff... Good, good... But i'm younger from all them. I just have 13 :P Wish to be in that list :P

  29. Bill Cawley

    Here's a challenge: To cheer up the rest of us who are more than twice as old as these guys - can you find twenty people who have only made it when over 70? Otherwise we'll all give up - we can't compete with this lot.

  30. Daniel Neri

    Fantastic list!! Funny to see Gareth on there, I was very active on back in the day. Great kid, very resourceful. Inspirational list, thanks Michael!

  31. Joel Drapper

    @The Net Fool I don't know what to say. What about me seems scammy?

  32. anonymous

    There are still a lot of people missing from this list. :) I am friends with a 19 year old who makes $40k/mo from his sites. And I'm 16 years old, and I've made over $25,000 online. So $1000/mo is not unbelievable at all. It's actually not a lot.

    • Wikker

      Sounds like someone has some insecurity issues to deal with.

  33. Ashley

    This is good, these young people are doing it.

  34. Gopal

    What an eclectic group of trail blazers! Great to see vibrant young minds tearing things up. Entrepreneurs of any age can learn from them. I am very inspired. Thx, G

  35. My Antivirus

    This list of current and future millionaires should inspire the next generation of bloggers. May their tribe increase.

  36. SRS

    Thanks for the list of power thinkers.

  37. Steven

    Hey I click on some of your ads...I hope that helps.

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  39. TL The Liberator

    It's simply refreshing to know so many young people are taking the net by storm. It should give plenty if hope to those of us who are struggling to earn steady decent income from our net businesses. Get busy and get profitable asap! TL

  40. Henry

    what is David Wilkinson blog? I remember he had one

  41. Dreams

    This is great. Love seeing young people succeed at such a high rate, and only spurs you to put more focus into what you do best.

  42. Armen Shirvanian

    A healthy sampling of site-owners is shown here, and one should remember that it is not their age that matters, but that it is the direction that they are traveling in. A person that provides value at any age should be supported, so that they can continue to add to the environment of those around them.

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  44. Millioanaire Acts

    I am very proud of our very own CarlOCab from the Philippines! Keep it up Carl! You are a living proof that age does not matter in entrepreneurship!

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    Wow! That is inspiring to know that kids so young can do it. All you need is one great idea and that could be you! Great post

  47. Arjun Sharma

    'Collages' are making a comeback apparently...

  48. Mr. Ex Back

    wow they are making more then me at 23.... I look up to them lol

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  50. playstation4guru

    Great inspiration! Nice article. Bump for you...

  51. Diana Freedman

    Wow that's crazy. I started my first website when I was about 14 and at one point got hundreds of visitors a day... and then I gave it up when I went to college. BIG mistake. I started blogging about a month ago, but still want to come up with a great business website idea... although now that I'm 22, the dream of retiring at 21 is over.

  52. ijamidayu

    It's really motivated me bro.. Thanks for sharing... Wish to being like them also.. Need to work hard from now.. Work smart I hope will find the key to the success way. Even do, this blog really make me more motivated. Even do i had pass aged 21.. :D

  53. CatalogSpot

    Good info. Very encouraging :)

  54. rounak

    hello this is an amazing list how did you collected this ? means this is so good to see that kids of such age are beating older people hats off to you guys keep it up

  55. Ryan

    Big respect to these guys. Excellent article btw. :)

  56. elearning

    I'm so depressed. How can I achieve 1% of their success? I think that the big factor is the idea. When you have the unique idea, you can go....

  57. Cody

    Impressive but honestly quite easy to make money online these days...

  58. Logotyp

    Amazing to see all hese kids make it!

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  60. Nicholas

    I'm a ten year old blogger. I hope to get my website as big as their sites one day! but right now i'm starting little and just blogging about toys i see and have.

    • Framen

      Those are very insping kids.... I'm going to be on that list soon. Lol! Kids Rule!

      • dinesh

        Very Inspiring indeed, want to hear Carl Ocab Live??

  61. Tabloid Internet

    Amazing youngers....

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  64. Kevin

    nice list.... really good to see that more and more young entrepreneurs are coming out in web2.0 world

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    Wont be long till I'm on this list as a 15 year old domainer.

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  67. Honest Internet Businessman

    Very motivational article. I know hindsight is 20/20 but just think what us 30 somethings would be making if we spent less time in front of the boob tube playing ps3 and watching crappy reality tv and sitcoms?

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    great..., i will be there..,

  70. David King

    Wow... that's crazy how much some of these kids have accomplished at such a young age... Good for them :) Thanks for the post! David

  71. moving quotes

    Great page! very inspiring stories. This is the kind of information our children should have access to. Alex

  72. Successful Filipino Entrepreneur

    Really great to see so many young people becoming online entrepreneurs. Just goes to show that anyone can do it, no matter where they live or what their status in life. There is no excuse for not trying. Please take a look at my Successful Filipino Entrepreneur site.

  73. Accept ACH Payments

    Its good to see kids working hard. So many negative stories in the press.

  74. Stuart

    Incredible! Impressive achievements.

  75. Elevic Pernis

    Chloe Spencer looks hot! I wish them luck!

  76. Gary

    Great post. Like I said before. I have been researching these young kids and they truly are inspirational. Keep up the great work! Stock Assault 2.0

  77. Roseli A. Bakar

    Very inspiring. Cool people!

  78. Brandon DuBois

    Anyone with an internet connection can make a few grand a month without even trying. The newer generation grew up on this though - maybe that's why we do it best?

  79. Denye

    Wow great and i i think have to try it for my side too.

  80. Vic of BusinessAccent

    I know CarloCab, since he's my country men. But oh! I never thought there are really a lot of them. The list is awesome and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing it. I have just bookmarked it.

  81. kathleen

    I think this is great way to go everyone.Majority people are scared when it comes to working on the Internet because of all the scams.Good Luck! to the younger generation.

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  83. Buy PSP Go

    Awesome people! I hope I achieve the same success by 21!

  84. Internet Entrepreneur

    There's a few people I never heard of on here but then again, I know some internet entrepreneurs under 21 that should definitely be on this list as well... but nice list nonetheless. Jay

  85. Gary

    We hope to be on a website like this one day! Always have to be on on top of your game or market, creating new ideas.

  86. wherr01

    Great article very inspiring

  87. jawatan kosong

    They are a great example of young peoples can do and earn more than adult.

  88. Contrave

    Wow this is a great list, I haven't heard of even one of them but it is cool to see some potential "up and comers" in the marketers realm. Bravo on finding them, and thanks for sharing.

  89. Al

    Interesting, however when you look at their traffic levels now they seem to have dwindled. I guess thats down to the fast changing face of the internet. You need to keep evolving and engaging with your audience.

  90. Mayur

    This is so motivating. I started few websites back in 2006 as a project and they are still live. I still don't know why they were not as successful as others. I think it was because i kept changing content and theme of the site. I think i need a help from some successful blogger in setting up things, but that is so unlikely, no one would care to do that, right?

  91. amyh3y

    Young internet entrepreneurs! The right man in the right place and right time. Congratulation...may be I am in the list next year.. :D

  92. Nithiyaah

    Hi Michael, It's great to see more teens are making money from the Internet and this is a very inspiring article to whoever reads this. It will be great if you can provide more solid informations on how they or even you managed to make money in online. This will be a great help for the newcomers. Keep up the good job! May God Bless You & Your Loved One. Take care.

  93. Danny

    WOW! Thanks for the boast, I needed that ;). You can add me to the list once I succeed, by then I will be over 30 lol. CHEERS :)

  94. Aaron Darko

    This is amazing how many young people just like me are doing online. They are amazing. Its extremely inspiring for me and everyone else. All the older people think we are way ahead of them, little do they know ANYONE CAN DO IT!

  95. Joe Boyle

    Nice list you've built up there! I too am a young entrepreneur (I'm only 13), so it's great to know that it is possible to succeed at such a young age. In my opinion, people don't put enough inspiration towards kids running internet websites. We are the future, let us give our views!

  96. Joe Boyle

    Great list you've written up, here. I know almost all of these entrepreneurs (not personally), so it is great to see them on a top 20 list! :D

  97. steve

    wow! Amazing young entrepreneurs! I own my first computer when I was 20!

  98. Mike

    You guys are all amazing for going out and getting what you want. Putting your words into action! Ninety percent of people don't know how to do put a plan into action or have the desire and persistence to accomplish what you did. Congratulations for reaching for the stars. You are the young entrepreneurs of the future. Mike - The Mandura System

  99. Swamykant

    Awesome list .. Amazing work by each one :)

  100. JB

    Yo, Mike! Sites like yours is what's missing from the "real world". People think this is all play-play, but everyone on your list proves that brains and a good plan-of-action can conquer all. YOU as well as everyone on your lists, prove that a deviation from the normal "slave-to-clock" mindset is what it takes to "really" be a financial success. I'm launching website(one of several) soon and hope to one day make a list like this one. OH, and you should put yourself up there too,bro. Great site,props, peace!

  101. Rick Ong

    Inspiring. Why don't you do this in a series? Perhaps something like Young Internet Entrepreneurs Under 21 of 2011...

  102. Charles Paxson

    Great example of the Entrepreneurial spirit. It is in your blood no matter what age it comes out. The internet has just given these individuals an outlet that is not so restricted by age. Indeed inspiring.

  103. Theodore De Dumas

    One of my favorite articles!

  104. simpson

    i also want to hav a business like yours guys,help me

  105. Dredd Azarcon

    It's great to see someone here from my country, and we are very proud to all of you, young ones. This a really nice post...

  106. Harfiz@Bizstudent

    This list are truly inspired me! I hope that I will become in the list too, someday :)

  107. Internet Entrepreneur

    The difference between these entrepreneurs and most, is the determination and willingness to take action and make things happen. Good ideas are a dime a dozen. An entrepreneur who takes action can create millionsmany times over.

  108. luke roxas

    I'm a proud Filipino here! I'm amazed that carl ocab is representing my country in the top 20 young internet entrepreneurs. I believe that there are more opportunities for filipinos in the internet especially SEO is on the rise!

  109. sauru

    i have to add 1 more in this list Suhas Gopinath When 14-year-old Suhas Gopinath started Global Inc ten years ago from a cyber cafe in Bengaluru, he didn't know that he had become the youngest CEO in the world. Today, Global is a multi-million dollar company with offices in the United States, India, Canada, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East and has 100 employees in India and 56 abroad. TO READ MORE

  110. sauru

    suhas gopinath

  111. Nura Bello

    Quite an inspiring story and lesson to those aspiring entrepreneurs that they can make it. Just have an idea that can be monitize and swing in to action.

  112. Fren Dee Bee

    This makes me feel old... I've just read big companies started from their garages and now youngsters under 21 earning six figure dollars?! They're be millionaires when they reach 30.

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